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Creating a fun place where people can gamble online is something that most casinos want to do. Some of them succeed, and others don’t. In this article we will talk about Cool Cat Casino, and what they want to attract their customers to their casino, instead of going to other ones.

CoolCat Casino will even give you a unique opportunity to start playing for real money, using their own cash.

CoolCat Casino (No Deposit) Bonuses:

To be more precise, they will give you a $100 free chip + 400% bonus, $50 free chip + 300% bonus,  $100 free chip + $500 free Roll Tournament or $50 free chip, depending on the games you play. Adding these bonuses as a reward for players coming back to the casino is surely something great, but making them available for new players as well will provide anyone with a unique chance of trying out all the games.

There are different promotions, which can be accessed daily, monthly, by VIP members or when you sign up. The graphics are interesting but they could be improved, and the gameplay seemed to be fluid. You can also play in tournaments, which I think is a great touch for the casino overall.

From what I played, the games are quite diverse. Of course, some of them can be played on other websites, but original things are hard to find these days, especially when we talk about casino games.

Download CoolCat Casino:

The client is a very small download, and works quite well. If you want to play the games without a client, that’s also an option. Be aware that the online casino uses only flash technology, and you need to install flash on your computer. On top of that, you are also given the possibility to play for practice or with real money. Cool Cat Casino supports most credit card types, and it’s very easy to get in to.

CoolCat Casino Flash No Download Casino:

For those who are not in the position to download Coolcat casino but still would like to play the CoolCat Casino games there is the Cool Cat Casino flash no download version available. There is no need to download if you go for the flash version of the casino, and you can access it right from the CoolCat casino home page. Simply select play now, and you can sign up to start playing moments later. All of the bonuses are available in the CoolCat Casino flash no download version, the only thing that there is not as many of as you will get in the download version of Cool Cat casino is games. There are less games in the flash version.

Also important is the fact that CoolCat Casino includes guidelines for all games, so you can easily learn how to play them from within the casino interface. It’s fast and very easy to do, and gives extra confidence to new players. Most games aren’t that hard to learn, so you will surely find yourself playing in no time.

Cool Cat Casino is a fun casino that has been given a second chance. I didn’t have the chance to see how they handle payments, but the overall gameplay and casino feel was great. Based on these things, I can recommend CoolCat Casino to anyone that wants to place his/her gambling skills to the test.

Visit CoolCat Casino right now and claim one of the many welcome bonuses they offer.